Elderly Woman Threatened to Kill Lawyer With Shotgun, Say Police

Elder law isn’t something you’d typically see listed on TIME’s most dangerous professions.

But after an incident in New Jersey recently, maybe it should be considered.

Last week, a 75-year old woman entered her lawyer’s office with a shotgun hidden under a towel, according to police.

Credit: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office

Credit: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office

She was also donning plastic bags on her feet, presumably to avoid leaving behind identifying footwear prints.

The attorney was alone in his office at the time, and managed to escape unharmed.

More from NOLA:

The attorney told deputies he was alone working in his office when he heard the front door open. Checking to see who had come in, he found his client, Patricia Currie, 75, seated in the lobby with plastic bags on her feet and hands and a towel draped across her lap.

When the attorney asked what she needed, Currie pulled a 410 shotgun from beneath the towel and told him she was there to kill him, police said. The attorney was able to subdue Currie and remove the shotgun from her hands before calling 911, police said.


Currie was booked into St. Tammany Parish jail and faces several charges, including aggravated assault with a firearm, resisting an officer, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, and illegal carrying of a weapon during a crime of violence.

The lawyer’s name is Keith Couture, and the ABA Journal has more info on the nature of the woman’s bankruptcy case:

Currie was seeking to strip a junior lien on her property filed by her condo association in a battle over unpaid monthly dues. The condo association claims Currie owes $18,000, while Currie claims the dues were unfairly apportioned, according to the Times-Picayune.

Nearly 20 lawsuits and appeals have been filed between Currie and the condo association since 1998. Couture believes those legal battles are the reason Currie showed up with a shotgun at his office.

“She was upset with the homeowners association,” Couture said. “That’s what she was displeased with. That no one was helping her.”

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