New Software Aims to Plan Around, Recognize Cognitive Decline in Elderly Clients

Declines in the cognitive function of elderly clients often aren’t obvious or easy to spot. It’s a tricky area to navigate in an environment where financial advisors are increasingly expected to identify and nip elder abuse in the bud.

But soon — even by the start of 2017 — there could be software to help.

A team of advisors, programmers and others are developing a software product that plans around — and even recognizes — a client’s loss of cognitive ability.

Advisor and M.D. Carolyn McClanahan, the leader of the project, told InvestmentNews about the elements of the software:

“The goal is to get clients talking and thinking about these issues before there is a problem,” said Ms. McClanahan, director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners. “Because once they have a problem, they are really hard to work with.”

Her Whealthcare Plans, which is expected to be available for sale before the end of this year, also incorporates a profiling diagnostic that gauges cognitive function, memory and other skills that can red-flag clients who may be at a higher risk for making poor decisions about money.

There is the question of whether a diagnostic tool should be in the hands of an advisor, rather than a healthcare professional.

But there’s no doubt the software — and other anti-fraud tools like EverSafe — have great potential to curb the financial exploitation of elderly clients.

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