Flint to Expand Medicaid Coverage in Wake of Water Crisis


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder called for expanded Medicaid coverage to cover the water crisis in Flint to include pregnant women and residents up to 21 years old in order to better treat the lead exposure from the city’s contaminated water supply.

Over 15,000 residents would benefit from the extended coverage.

More from Techtimes:

Upon approval of the extended Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, case managers will be able to connect Medicaid health plans with doctors and behavior health experts in order to plot better service access for the affected Flint residents. The expansion will also strengthen nutrition-based efforts and improve the people’s access to social and educational campaigns within the community.

The requested coverage expansion will not only cater to young adults up to 21 years old who are being supplied or were supplied with the contaminated water system starting April 2014, it will also cover pregnant residents and their future children.

The expansion will cover Flint residents across all incomes. However, those with a yearly income of $47,520 or four-person families with a combined annual salary of $97,200 will be given the option to buy into the health program.

Gov. Snyder will be testifying before Congress about the crisis. The hearing is yet to be scheduled.


Photo by the Michigan Municipal League via Flickr CC License

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